There's no substitute for having peace of
mind when it comes to loved ones.


PGTelco has partnered with Arkansas Security to provide  
affordable home security and automation

Receive Real Time Information
Watch your kids arrive home from school safely.  Receive an image alert or text when they open the front door after school hours.

Be sure that your home is always protected.  Receive an alert if the family has left for the day but forgot to lock the door or arm the system; then lock up and arm it from your phone.

Convenience & Control in Your Hands
Arrive home to a comfortable environment after a long day at work.  Set your lights and thermostats to automatically adjust when you get home and disarm your system.

Reduce energy waste and unnecessary expense.  Set Smart Schedules to easily mangage your lights and thermostat settings based on your home's activity patterns.

Remote Control
Access your connected home system from any computer or mobile device with Internet access.

Real-Time Alerts
Receive text or email notifications from your house when there is any activity at your property.

Mobile Apps
Free mobile apps with interactive technology keep you connected and in control every day, every minute and from anywhere you are.


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